Under Armour


One way to stand out in a crowded world is being different. How do you become different? You could pay an employee to stand on the coroner with billboard or dressed in a tutu. That might get you noticed, but is it professional? Not sure I would do that. But the story any publicity is good publicity leaves with people forget the bad quickly as they remember how good you are. That is where good is a great way to may your brand and business stand out. Picking a great brand to connect with is a tactic and when connected with promotional products it has a lasting connection.

A few weeks ago I talked about brands. I mentioned serval brands including Under Armour. Under Armour in the promotional product industry is selling to a select few distributors and Proforma is one. What that means is there is not every business wearing the same polo to the next convention. Corporate gifts will have meaning since it is not the same mug your competitor just dropped off. And if you want employee gifts that have impact, Under Armour is great way to say thank you and keep morale up.

About the Author Greg Rollins