Promo for dummies…


Look to Proforma GIS for promotional product that have impact

Promotional products are a great way to get your brand in the hands of customers and prospects. It is real simple to purchase a pen and pass it out to customers at sales calls and whenever you’re on a service call. That is the most basic way of using a branded product put your logo name website and phone in front of a prospect or a client.

Looking deeper into how you can use promotional branding to stand out. In today’s busy internet and email environment prospects can be hard to reach. Promotional products reach to these prospects in ways that will make your business stand out. One way to stand out is to produce a really nice journal book and pen branded with your company name and logo. Then send it in a printed box with logo and call to action on the box. Then days later follow up with that prospect and as if they would like to meet and talk about your services.

At trade show where clients can be more accessible there are several ways to use promotional products. Yes, you should have the giveaways in the booth. But there are better ways. One is to send an email and postcard campaign in advance of the show highlighting your products and services and tell the recipient to stop by to receive free iPhone cover and a chance to win an iPad. Another way is to pay the hotel to place a promotional product in the room of every attendee. This could be very expensive and needs to be executed correctly. But this tactic will get them into the booth and get them to remember your business.

These are just a few ways to make your promotional spend get results. I recommend connecting with a supplier that will listen to your needs and has had success with helping customers grow their business and implement their ideas well and cost effectively.

About the Author Greg Rollins