Print Management


Print Management

What is print management? Typically the print management definition is used to talk about in house printing or on line on demand printing. Print management can also be when an organization has several vendors and several items they print on a weekly or monthly basis. There may be several buyers within the organization that may not communicate with the other departments and could be missing out on ways to reduce the cost of acquiring their commercial printing or forms by consolidation into one supplier. Printing has evolved over many years and the use of digital copiers has shifted the cost of printing for marketing collateral to the copier. In some cases that is a good thing. In other it makes more sense to use a print provider to produce those items.

With shorter print runs the items may end up being printed on the printer in house. The things to consider when printing print collateral in house are twofold. Cost – is the run more than 100? It might be better to purchase it from a printer. Is the printed piece used to sell a product or represent your business? It might be better to have a professional printer provider to produce your collateral on a printing offset press where the bindery will be done professionally and make the printed piece have impact it was designed for.
When it comes to using printed items for selling your product or service it is representing what your comply looks like. The client will judge your ability and whether they want to do business with you based on how professional the brochure looks.

If you need someone to help with managing printed items your business needs. Proforma GIS has the background and knowledge to help you make the best decisions. Proforma GIS can also bringing graphic design, illustration, promotional products and packaging in to the mix. That will save you time and money having one trusted resource with many ideas.

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