Proforma Prostores

Proforma ProStores is the online based brand management app for print, promotional and uniform programs.

Our online app for managing and automating purchasing of all the branded items businesses need.  Companies with multiple locations and distributed workforce are finding it is hard to keep costs in line, manage spending and most importantly maintaining their brand standards.

Proforma GIS has multiple company store platforms that meet the needs of any size company.

Our flexible program is customized based on assessing our client needs

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Our discover process begins by looking at these key areas:

  • Automating current process to reduce purchasing cost and save time.
  • Analyzing areas where integration and grouping of ordering will save costs.
  • Utilizing software along with state of the art just in time print process to decrease distribution and warehousing costs.
  • Recommending top actions that will reduce costs and pay for the program quickly.

Automation reduces labor costs.

Manual processes lead to low employee productivity and errors that drive costs up.  Once Proforma’s computerized processes are in place our clients report dramatic reduction costs.  An additional benefit is corporate brand standards are maintained.  

Maintaining Budgets
Proforma ProStores reporting of all transactions identify spending down to individuals or departments if needed.  Accountability can be managed based on each corporate management structure by intuitive approval chains with checks and balances via automated emails and reports.

ProStores reduces costs with bulk purchasing
Consolidating branded items purchased across the full corporate structure reduces unit costs.  Eliminating redundancy and with Proforma’s purchasing power and preferred partners our clients enjoy lower product costs.  These two key factors working together can save over 25% in process and product cost.

Proforma ProStores simple to use online store, automates internal purchasing.  Our ProStores App will integrate with many corporate systems (Oracle, SAP and Ariba).  That integration streamlines the extra steps and leads to better productivity and lower costs.  Smart analytics and reporting of all purchases further automates the entire internal purchasing process.

Consistent Brand
A consistent brand identity is a key and often overlooked component of any organization.  Marketing is a champion of making sure corporations’ brands are consistent, but once marketing has no oversite corporate brand will quickly become different.  Our process protects the corporate brand with standards set and managed by Proforma’s system and account managers.

Our system virtually eliminates runaway spending and mismanagement of company brand identity.