Maximize Employee Engagement​

​Discover how engaged employees can optimize your brand’s value today.

Your brand needs engaged employees to grow.

​Sustainable brand engagement requires a three-pronged approach. On the first prong, you have your clients and customers. The second prong consists of suppliers and third-party business partners.  The third prong involves keeping your loyal employees engaged. Despite all three of these being equally essential to long-term brand growth, internal employee engagement is often overlooked. 

Data shows that highly motivated front line cheerleaders generates velocity to attract preferred customers and suppliers.

At Proforma GIS, we work to change this through cost-effective, turn-key solutions that facilitate long-term growth through employee engagement.


​​Engaged employees create brand value and increased sales through better performance.  Recognition is one of the best ways to elicit the best work out of your team. When you implement internal recognition programs, it becomes easier to drive engagement across your workforce, from managers to front-line workers.


​​People want to believe in the value of what they are doing.  When you inspire your employees, everybody reaps the benefits. Motivated employees extract more value out of the day to day experiences while company stakeholders extract more value out of motivated employees. It’s a win-win situation.  


​​Your team’s effort has a direct correlation with the success of your business, and it is important to remind employees that they are appreciated and reward them for their commitments. An achievement-based rewards portfolio can go a long way towards keeping employees loyal and engaged.

Optimize your brand’s value with Proforma GIS.

​Proforma GIS is a full-service engagement agency that helps business owners turn promotional products, reward programs, and brand strategies into profitable engagement solutions that meet your objectives and goals.

Our insights help businesses:

  • ​​Attract and recruit better candidates
  • ​Engage, reward, and recognize employee achievements
  • ​Lower turnover and boost productivity

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