Email Marketing – patients and consistency


Spam is one word that comes to my mind when I think of Email Marketing. Yes, a lot of emails get sent and go to the junk mail folder and never get read. That is why the message is extremely important. There are many places you can reach your prospects and customers to speak to them about your products and services and email is just one tool. Email marketing is a tool that needs patients and consistency. It is not a rabbit race that wins the email race it is the slow patient tortoise. The first most important is build a list of emails that is your target audience. One way is purchase a list. I don’t recommend that unless you are targeting a narrow audience like bicycle racers. There are plenty of people who are just into bicycles and a target list of enthusiast will give you results. The best way is through prospecting and the hard work of finding and culling the list to your product.
The next step is to use some type of email marketing software. There are several SaaS programs that will work and are very cost effective. I have used Constant Contact and Mailchimp. Both are easy and will work for 90% of the marketing campaigns business currently use.
The most important part of an email marketing campaign is the message and email content. I recommend at least once a month email to a list offers and ideas that would be of value to your customers and prospects. Professional photographs and videos are the visuals that will make the email look professional and not be judged as spam. Proforma GIS can work with customers to craft a campaign and message to drive email opening and send customers to a landing page where a direct call to action is presented to the prospect.
Starting an email campaign is not hard it will just take time and consistency. The best place to start is a list of topics that your customers feel your business brings value to them. Map out the dates and titles. Start writing content of one paragraph with keywords and value statements. Collect the assets of photos and videos, layout the emails and test.

About the Author Greg Rollins