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What is a promotional products company store? It is an online store where an organization can list the preprinted promotional products for sale and distribution to outlining offices. Why would a business want to set up a company store program? There are several reasons. One is that promotional products are not being properly utilized by the sales staff. The items could be hard to get out to each team member or cutbacks have restricted the process of getting them to the key users. Promotional products are one of the best tools a sales force can use to gain and maintain business. This value added sales approach will open doors to new clients and give thanks to the steady clients. The online order entry takes the administrative task of taking orders, maintaining inventory and shipping. It gives access to the sales staff and their ability to make independent decisions about their customers and sales needs. Also it has an cost accountability trail and budget management.

To set up a company store can be simple. The first step is to identify the budget and promotional product needs. Are promotional products being used properly? Does the sales force understand how to leverage the promotions? Are your brand standards clear? Is your logo design a foundation of your mission and can it be reproduced on all types of mediums. i.e. Embroidery and one color screen printed garments in a cost effective way? The company store site could be a simple ecommerce platform or a vender like Proforma has a robust system with site and warehouse and distribution services.

Items like sales brochures trade show booths can be set up on a company store site. The management of those items might be for use of the trade show both and banners an email is sent to marketing and it is ship from the home office.

The best way to analyze if your business needs a company store is to map out the products that would be stored the usage and how many locations would be requesting these items. Also the costs you currently pay for your marketing collateral, like commercially printed brochures, signs, banners and all the printed promotional items. Catalog them with purchase history and that is your base data for the store. Set up goals and look at your brand will this program add value to growing sales?

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