Branding  is the complete system for communicating a company's unique message. Originally branding was a mark – or a logo.  Ranchers branded their cattle with a ranch logo making their cattle easy to identify.   Is your brand “easy to identify”?  Branding now is much more than a logo.  Proforma GIS works with business to ensure their Logo & Visuals are consistent that make a compelling connection to show your business at it's best.  The brand touch points are: Logo, a Logo Identity System, Print, Promotional Products, Website, Social Media & Signage.  When these products and services are managed by one supplier that will guarantee your brand will stay consistent .

When your identity is consistent the message your client sees is very clear and in return your brand asset stands out. The key products Proforma GIS helps clients manage are: Logo, Logo Identity Systems, Printing, Branded Promotional Products, Website design, Social Media Management, Trade Shows Products and Signage. Contact Proforma GIS expert branding consultants today about how we can help you manage your logo & visual messages.