Apparel is Changing. Embrace it.


The signed jersey off the back of your baseball idol, a favorite sweatshirt passed down to your daughter or the commemorative jacket you received after crossing the finish line for your first marathon. Apparel can hold a significant meaning to the wearer that’s not always visible to others.

The world of promotional apparel is no longer just about a run of the mill t-shirt that ends up in a pile with all the others. Promotional apparel is making leaps and bounds, embracing retail trends with sleek cuts, touchable fabrics and the hottest styling to create pieces that the wearer will truly love.

It’s no secret that apparel is a part of our daily lives. We use it to outwardly express our personalities, as a comforting touch in tough times and as a celebration of a memorable moment. And our daily apparel is seeing a cultural shift – consumers are looking for pieces they can wear to a casual office, out to dinner with friends and transition to drinks for the night.

As a whole, apparel maintains a very high advertiser awareness rate. When your employees, clients or friends wear apparel branded with your logo, they serve as a walking billboard for your brand. If you’re providing exceptional apparel options, they will more likely want to wear it.

So, put down previous notions when it comes to uniforms, t-shirts and other promotional apparel, and pick up the idea that these branded items can become a much loved jacket, a favorite sweatshirt or a t-shirt they’ll never want to take off.

Embrace the shift, embrace the apparel.

Looking for a starting point? Check out these featured pieces to start your branded apparel wardrobe today.

About the Author Greg Rollins